The Future of Robotic Manipulation With ROS and MoveIt

Due to its business-friendly licensing, active community and impressive feature set, Robot Operating System (ROS) has become a de facto standard for robotics systems development for research groups, startups, and large companies around the world. One of the most popular components within ROS is MoveIt, a widely used software platform for advanced robotics manipulation platform, including mobile manipulation. Yet despite its popularity, many challenges must be overcome for MoveIt to achieve both fast computations and planning for complex global motion. This is one of the main development goals of MoveIt 2, which is enabled by ROS 2, a second generation, commercially hardened and technically extended version of ROS. In this session, Dave Coleman, CEO of PickNik Robotics, will review ROS / ROS 2 and MoveIt / MoveIt 2, as well as comment on the characteristics of real-time motion planning and why it is difficult to achieve. A hybrid approach for real-time motion planning will be described, along with a roadmap to achieve it.


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