The Economic Impact of Digital Manufacturing for Robotics

One thing is clear from the past 6 months: Manufacturing as we know it must change. In the wake of severe supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19, on the heels of a trade war with China, OEMs are seeking alternatives to the old way of doing things for a more resilient future.

87% of manufacturing leaders surveyed1 confirmed a high-priority digital transformation initiative, and 99% declared that increasing supply chain resilience is a top focus. In contrast, however, only 14% reported a well-funded digital initiative and 81% are faced with difficulties finding digitization expertise.

What is the path forward?

Join us for an executive discussion with Nate Evans, the Co-Founder of Fictiv, to explore the quantifiable economic impact of Digital Manufacturing Ecosystems as a cost-efficient, low-risk bridge to digital transformation. The centerpiece of this discussion will be Fictiv’s case study of HEBI Robotics, and the economic impact this transformation had on HEBI’s bottom line as well as their time to market.

1Fictiv’s 2020 State of Manufacturing Report



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