A renewed and reinvigorated RoboBusiness 2020 event presents a unique sales,
marketing and branding opportunity.

A Massive Opportunity
The robotics, automation and intelligent systems sector has reached a critical stage, expanding very quickly and poised for additional rapid, dramatic growth. For members of the robotics solution provider value chain, the burgeoning robotics sector represents a massive opportunity. Yet for solution providers and others to maximize that opportunity, sales, marketing and branding initiatives must reach those who can consume, and ultimately benefit from, outreach efforts.

The Robotics Business Development Event

Since its founding in 2004, the RoboBusiness Conference & Expo has grown and evolved to become the world’s premier robotics business development event. During those intervening years, the robotics sector, too, has experienced a great deal of change and undergone dramatic growth, some attributable to the RoboBusiness event itself. As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, RoboBusiness will continue to play a critical role as a leading business driver and advocate for the international robotics sector.

Reimagined, Reinvigorated and Refocused for 2020

In the 16 years since the launch of the inaugural RoboBusiness Conference & Expo, the robotics sector has grown explosively, but more importantly the robotics market has matured, and with that maturation, RoboBusiness, too, must evolve to be more than “a gathering of the tribes”.

To better serve RoboBusiness attendees, as well as accelerate the robotics sector as a whole, RoboBusiness has been reimagined and reworked, retaining the best aspects of past events, but now with a greater singularity of purpose… to highlight robotics and business ‘innovation’ in all its forms, and to identify and prioritize the best commercial opportunities going forward, and to place greater emphasis on issues related to driving commercialization, delivering business value, and demonstrating ROI.

Expanded Attendee Pool
Over the years, RoboBusiness earned the reputation as the leading robotics business development largely through its support and advocacy for companies offering robotics products, technologies and services for sale to others. For 2020, the focus (and marketing) of the event has been tuned to reach a broader attendee pool. Examples include representatives from Global 200 companies developing robotics solutions for their own internal use, providers of R&D, engineering and manufacturing services, as well as companies utilizing robotics technologies, products and services.

Co-Located With Device Talks and Sensors Expo

The 2020 RoboBusiness Conference & Expo is co-located with the Sensors Expo & Conference, North America’s largest event dedicated to sensors, connectivity, and IoT. It is also co-located with Device Talks, the premier industry event for medical technology professionals, currently in its ninth year. The expo floor will be open to all attendees from the co-located events.

Greatly Increased Marketing Outreach
WTWH Media’s marketing reach for the RoboBusiness event greatly exceeds that of what was possible for RoboBusiness events previously. Through WTWH Media’s Robotics Network alone, the event can be marketed through multiple media outlets including The Robot Report, Collaborative Robotics Trends, and Robotics Business Review, as well as through databases generated to the group’s many webinars and other initiatives. WTWH Media also produces the Robotics Summit & Expo and the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum, which, too, are RoboBusiness marketing tools. The WTWH Robotics Group’s longstanding relationships with industry associations and research centers globally, provide additional avenues for marketing.

Who Will Attend?
Technical and business professionals from all over the world will attend RoboBusiness 2020, including:

  • Robotics Solution Providers AND Developers of Robotics Technologies for Internal Use – Producer of robotics products, technologies and services for sale to others, representatives from Global 200 companies developing robotics solutions for their own internal use, as well as providers of R&D, engineering and manufacturing services.
  • Corporate Management
  • Business Development Professionals
  • R&D Teams / Advanced Technology Groups
  • Engineers / Engineering Management
    • Design Engineers
    • System Architects
    • Software Engineers
    • Electrical Engineers
    • Human Factors Professionals
    • Mechanical/Hardware Engineers
    • Engineering Management
  • Researchers and Academics – Researchers and academics seeking the tools, technologies and techniques necessary to build the next generation of commercial robotics systems, as well as interaction with the global robotics community.
  • Media Representatives and Technology / Business Analysts – National and international online, print and film-based media professionals, along with technology and business analysts, looking to serve their clients with the latest information about the robotics, automation and intelligent systems sector.
  • Investment Professionals – Venture capitalists, along with private and public sector investment professionals.

A Unique Opportunity
If your company provides technologies and services to producers of commercial class robotics products, developers of robotics technologies for their own internal use, public and private R&D and advanced technology groups, as well as companies utilizing robotics solutions, the RoboBusiness Conference and Expo provides a truly unique sales, marketing and branding opportunity. The event is uniquely suited to assist companies optimize their sales and marketing outreach, providing them the optimal platform for educating, supporting and engaging with developers of field robotics products and services,

For specific questions regarding sponsorship of the RoboBusiness Conference and Expo, please contact Courtney Nagle at cseel[at]