The Life and Times of ROS2: A Look at the Future of Robotics Infrastructure

Steve Macenski, Open-Source Robotics Lead, Samsung Robotics

Since 2007, Robot Operating System (ROS) has changed the way robots are built. In an effort to improve ROS to be appropriate for commercial and industrial solutions, Open Robotics released ROS 2 in 2018 supported by leading companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Amazon.

ROS2 provides strict messaging guarantees, security, and modern tools for deterministic robot behavior. ROS 2 provides for higher-quality, robust solutions for many aspects of robotics development and deployment including simulation, communications, manipulation, navigation and more. Long-term support for ROS is ending in less than 5 years and the entire robotics industry must transition to the new meta-operating system.

In this informative session, Steve Macenski, Open-Source Robotics Lead for Samsung Research, will provide decision makers with critical ROS2 information. The evolution of ROS2 since 2018 will be described, along with current status of ROS2 for professional use. The results of a survey of notable ROS2 users in industry will also be provided, along with a roadmap for the future. He will also highlight notable aspects of Eloquent, the latest release of ROS2.

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