The Healthcare Robotics Opportunity Landscape

While the role of robotics in healthcare has been fairly well established over the last few decades, recent advancements in technology and social acceptance of collaborative applications has accelerated the development of new medical uses and adoption. Now, robots are supporting a wide variety of healthcare applications ranging from rehabilitation to surgery and on to cancer treatments. In fact, in some segments of the healthcare industry, lacking a robotic system could is a competitive disadvantage. But what does today’s opportunity landscape look like for this industry? And how will it change with the current health crisis?

This presentation will examine the modern state of healthcare robotics, including the different technologies and current cultural drivers that are pushing for wider adoption. The speaker will draw on his experiences in the industry to provide the audience with both a detailed history of how robots have supported medical applications over the years, and how he envision the sector evolving over time. Attendees will be provided with actionable advice they can use to identify opportunities in the healthcare robotics space, and how to prepare for the coming years.


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