The Future of Robotics: Research to Commercialization

Keynote Session:

The Future of Robotics: Research to Commercialization

It’s an exciting time to be in robotics. The $100+ billion global robotics sector has been growing by leaps and bounds. Industrial robots are no longer the exclusive domain of heavy industry or huge factories. A new generation of robotics systems, collaborative robots in particular, have expanded the customer base for robots to include mid-sized and even small businesses for manufacturing, materials handling, fulfillment, and beyond.

The Covid-19 pandemic has raised the awareness of the value that robots can provide, but it has also highlighted the limitations of today’s robotics systems, and the challenges that must be overcome before robots are deployed in large numbers. Thankfully, researchers are devising ways to make robots more perceptive and dexterous. New technologies are also being developed that allow robots to sense the world in ways that are far beyond human capabilities, and this sensing is supported and augmented by human-like cognitive abilities.

In this farsighted and wide-ranging keynote session, MassRobotics and the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative have brought together a world-class team of robotics researchers and industry veterans that will describe these ongoing initiatives and their impact on the commercial robotics sector. The session will include a series of rapid-fire presentations and demonstrations designed to give attendees a peak into a variety of areas of robotics research, ranging across the greater robotics landscape, from autonomous vehicles to autonomous surgery, and everything in between.



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