The Future of Human Robot Collaboration: Developing the Next Generation of Industrial, Commercial and Consumer Robotics Systems

The first generation of robotics systems, which emerged over the second half of the last century, largely consisted of immobile, single task robots that have little interaction with humans or the world around them as they performed repetitive, industrial tasks while encaged within safety barriers. This was followed by two decades of rapid robotics innovation, resulting in robotics systems capable of operating in open, dynamic environments, often working in close approximation to, or directly with, humans. But what comes next? In this thought provoking session, appropriate for developers and end-users of robotics systems, along with business development and investment professionals, robot designers Laura Major and Julie Shah will describe how the next generation of robotics systems will operate in the real world and how they will change our relationship to technology. They will also discuss how social behavior can be incorporated into robots, and how public spaces can be optimized for safe and beneficial human robot interaction.


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