Startup Boot Camp

Have a Robotics Startup or thinking of starting one? Want to find out what it takes? Learn how to find funding to talent and everything in between by attending the Robotics Startup Boot Camp. The boot camp will kick-off by giving an analysis of the markets for robotics, market trends and hot sections of the market and what to expect in the short and long term. Additional topics that will be discussed during the boot camp include:

  • Funding
  • Non-Dilutive Funding Opportunities: What’s out there and how can you find it.
  • VC Funding: Who is investing? What does a VC want to hear in a startup in a Pitch? How to Grow and What You Need to Know: Legal (patents), HR, Banking, Marketing Resources
  • How to set up your company and protect your idea
  • Where to find talent
  • Banking relationship
  • Marketing What’s Next
  • How to Scale? How to Scale for Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Distribution channels
  • Follow-on funding
  • NPI/Contract Manufacturing