Robert Steward

Robert Steward

Robert Steward

President | End to End Solutions

President & CEO | Integra Advanced Technology Services

Robert Steward is most well known as President of the leading consulting firm, End to End Solutions and the President & CEO of Integra Advanced Technology Services, an industry-leading IT and Program Management firm that provides cutting-edge technology solutions to iconic global brands such as Verizon and AT&T as well as several government agencies.

Robert Steward’s commitment to leveling the playing field in the technology industry has been the catalyst for his success. He is an industry expert in cybersecurity solutions and IoT technology systems. Countless businesses have reaped the benefits from his advisement on data breech prevention and upcoming technology trends. His technology contributions and insight have impacted numerous Fortune 500 companies and helped better their data management systems.

Steward is also the host of the top-ranked technology podcast HACKED: Unlocking the Code to Success. He sits down with industry leaders on both national and global scales to share best practices for our next generation of thought leaders and business owners. This venture demonstrates his commitment to bettering the millennial generation, and equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to create a better future for not only themselves, but those they create networks with.

His investment in mastering technology innovation and trends, has led him to his most recent business venture as CEO of IoTrack technology, as he seeks to bring positive change and innovation to business efficiency across the globe, specifically through supply chain and logistics platforms.

Robert’s dedication to continuous learning and developing the next generation of thought leaders has created a buzz in the community. As the recipient of the EDGE Mentoring Award for Small Business presented by Verizon wireless, he is recognized as an advocate for developing opportunities for students and young adults to thrive and create a sure path to success.