Robotics as a Surgical Tool

Surgical robotics is the ‘sexiest’ medical device technology of the past decade, with a scope and breadth that continues to penetrate almost all medical specialties. Ongoing research, technological advances and wider adoption will continue to propel the surgical robotics sector forward, which is forecasted to reach $13.7 billion by 2026 at a very healthy CAGR of 10.4%. Still, debate continues about the utility of surgical robots for multiple procedures, and there are some concerns whether the next generation of surgical robots can bring cost-effective and high-quality care to rapidly aging populations and underserved markets.

In this keynote session, specifically developed for medical device corporate management, engineers, and designers in the surgical robotics domain, Maria Shepherd, President of Medi-Vantage, a medical device marketing and product development strategy advisory firm, will review the pros and cons of today’s surgical robotics systems. Drawing insights from interviews with surgical robotics developers and thought leaders, she will also discuss what the next generation of surgical robotics systems could and should provide. Additional topics addressed in the keynote include:

  • Surgical telepresence systems
  • Autonomous surgical robots
  • Impact on healthcare providers
  • Competition, innovation, and commercial viability
  • Expanding market access



Surgical robotics innovation and its impact on drive technology

Join this session as we review the current field of surgical robots, trends, projected innovations, and active developments. The impacts associated with this sector’s newest challenges have on drive systems will be demonstrated. Drive systems, haptic feedback, miniaturization, non-linear mechanics, autonomous processes, and the impacts to the body using robotic surgery will be touched upon. The presenter will highlight the challenges and solutions to drive systems that power and enable robotic surgery.



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