Radical Transparency: Digital Manufacturing Ecosystems Deliver Traceability, Compliance & Quality

Traditional manufacturing is akin to assembling furniture in a dark room – lots of fumbling, a high chance of injury, and a low probability of a successful outcome. Limited visibility into supply chain partners and components managed remotely via emails, spreadsheets, and late night overseas phone calls lead to time and cost overruns with lesser quality products. COVID-19 has only amplified this pain by preventing travel and boots-on-the-ground oversight.

Common efforts to improve transparency – hiring more supply chain managers, building out digitization teams, investing in robust SaaS platforms – continue to prove enormously expensive and unreliable. This is why McKinsey reports 70% of digital transformation plans fail. Yet, Fictiv’s 2020 State of Manufacturing Report found 96% of executives consider digital transformation a top priority because it can deliver cost reduction, virtual adaptability, and supply chain visibility.

In this session, manufacturing expert Jean Olivieri, Fictiv’s COO, will explore how new Digital Manufacturing Ecosystems can help deliver digital transformation without the high price tag and greater accountability. She will show how ecosystems can offer radical transparency through new tools that offer quality, traceability, and visibility to product development teams of all sizes without additional costs.

Using case studies and detailed examples, this session will examine real-time production status tools, including digital inspection photos and documentation, access to historical DFM, shipment tracking, invoicing, and customs information. Jean will show how new ecosystems empower teams to manage supply chain issues remotely with complete confidence but without the bloated team or investment normally required.



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