Human-Robot Collaboration for Flexible Manufacturing

Scott Denenberg, VP of Engineering and co-founder, Veo Robotics

Flexibility and judgment, human capabilities that cannot be matched by robots and automation, are essential qualities for meeting the manufacturing demands for faster product cycles and shorter production runs. As a result, humans will continue to be crucial to the factories of the future, but they will not be working alone. Transforming factories means physically bringing together humans and robots. With safe human-robot interaction, manufacturers can replace the traditional assembly line with flexible cellular manufacturing to achieve mass-customization. But how is this accomplished?

In this session, Scott Denenberg, VP of Engineering and co-founder, Veo Robotics, will describe the advantages of flexible manufacturing enabled by human robot collaboration. Denenberg will also discuss the technical challenges in human-robot interaction, and what it means to create a safety-certified collaborative workcell. An examination of the impact of human-robot collaboration on the future of manufacturing, along with the transition from factories that are flexible to factories that can self-optimize, will also be discussed.

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