Book Signings at RoboBusiness

We are pleased to announce an exclusive book signing with RoboBusiness keynote, Dr. Robin R. Murphy. The first 20 VIPs to use code MeetandGreet at registration will gain access to this private book signing.

Dr. Robin R. Murphy will be signing copies of her book, Robotics Through Science Fiction!

This book presents six classic science fiction stories and commentary that illustrate and explain key algorithms or principles of artificial intelligence. Even though all the stories were originally published before 1973, they help readers grapple with two questions that stir debate even today: how are intelligent robots programmed? and what are the limits of autonomous robots? The stories—by Isaac Asimov, Vernor Vinge, Brian Aldiss, and Philip K. Dick—cover telepresence, behavior-based robotics, deliberation, testing, human-robot interaction, the “uncanny valley,” natural language understanding, machine learning, and ethics. Each story is preceded by an introductory note, “As You Read the Story,” and followed by a discussion of its implications, “After You Have Read the Story.” Together with the commentary, the stories offer a nontechnical introduction to robotics. The stories can also be considered as a set of—admittedly fanciful—case studies to be read in conjunction with more serious study.

If you have any questions about this exclusive event, please email Jessie Steinberg at

Visit the Book Store

Attendees – Please make sure and stop at the RoboBusiness Bookstore located in the expo hall. The Bookstore will be managed by DigitalGuru Technical Bookstore based in the Silicon Valley. The bookstore will stock the newest and best-selling book titles on all of the topics of the conference. You will find books by some of the speakers along with other specially curated lists of books on Robotics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI and IoT.

Take advantage of special show discounted prices on all books. DigitalGuru will also offer to ship books to you when purchased at the bookstore. Bookstore will also be hosting a book signing with Dr. Robin R. Murphy. Make sure and buy your book in advance to ensure you get your copy signed.

Look for the bookstore inside the expo hall, not to be missed